It's All About A Remarkable Customer Journey

With the massive adoption of flat fees, your growth engines depend on great user experience! Happy users are loyal users and loyal users spread positive word of mouth making it easier to recruit new users.

Making your mobile network awesome doesn't have to mean huge and slow capital investments. Our Value-Driven SON technology allows you to over-deliver today with your current assets and technology.

Great user experience means:

Elastic capacity: the right users, get the best bandwidth and speed when they need it
Adaptive coverage: making sure they always have a strong signal
Great (all-the-time) quality: enabling today's demand for mobility

We are here to make sure you can start over delivering tomorrow. Don't compromise on your user experience.

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Value-Driven SON
Shift the value of the network to the user!

Now that the network is optimized, the focus of the value needs to shift to ensuring the best user experience. Stable performance for voice and data regardless of mobility or time. Value-Driven SON takes the focus to the user and optimizes the network to ensure QoE and QoS are guaranteed.

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Value Driven SON


Networks that Become Customer-aware

Imagine a network that self-adapts and prioritizes services according to customer's needs in real time – Cellwize is realizing this vision. Today.

SON solutions, no matter how robust and effective, need to connect to the business drivers and user experience. This is the insight behind our Value-Driven SON approach.

Cellwize is a pioneer in using Big Data insights as input guiding its application. Value-Driven SON communicates with BSS elements such as CRM or OCS and can therefore impact specific accounts or even users.

It's simple: You define your business goals and priorities and our Value-Driven SON applies its capabilities accordingly, impacting areas of high-value density.

Finally you can control the distribution of network experience, delivering superior and personalized service to subscribers, when they need it, wherever they are!

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A Network to be Proud of

With Value-Driven SON you can expect immediate improvement in all network parameters: capacity, speed and coverage.

Subscribers all over the network will have fewer dropped calls, higher data speed and better reception.

After so much talk, addressing the individual subscriber is here. An efficient effective and manageable technology to make the subscriber feel they are the only one.

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CapEx and OpEx savings



Customer-Aware Mobility - Connecting Networks with Business Drivers


30% more data throughput


Cellwize Value-Driven SON

Almost all mobile operators are struggling with the complexities of network demand, which leads to dropped calls, missing neighbors and poor coverage.

Cellwize Value-Driven SON shifts the focus from network optimization to the value of the user. By ensuring improved network performance throughout the entire customer-network journey, we enable operators to focus on their Quality of Service and Experience strategies.

Value-Driven SON boosts your network-related NPS / CSAT scores by preempting users' needs to prioritize and tune network to meet demand.

  • Aligned with your business policies and rules for pre-defined subscriber segment profiles
  • Improving QoS as defined by dynamic hangouts Monetizing your enterprise VIP subscribers by improving their QoS parameters at dynamic hangouts
  • Maximize performance around a venue, campus, and highways

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On Demand Capacity. Adaptive Coverage. Stable Data Throughput.

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'We chose Cellwize due to its ability to work with all Telefónica UK incumbent RAN vendors and technologies. Cellwize was successful in improving customer experience during such a complex RAN-sharing network swap project.We were impressed by the speed and efficiency in which Cellwize has come online to actively support the transition. The SON solution reduced the complexity and Time-To-Market of new site-setup as well as the overall swap, which was deployed with expertise and efficiency.'
Adrian Di Meo, CTO of Telefonica UK.