If you don’t know them, Cellwize is a SON software company. With their first beta customers in 2013 and five additional customers in 2014, they currently boast seven operator wins at this point. For a young company this is impressive and RCR Wireless had the chance to speak with their CEO, Ofir Zemer about their history and priorities for 2015.

The solution supports 2G, 3G, 4G technologies and all of the major hardware vendors in the RAN market. This ensures that when an operator works with Cellwize’s SON product they can actually optimize the entire network and not just portions of it. In October, 2014 they announced work with Telefonica UK in support of their network modernization project. Using the elastic-SON product to manage the transition from the old to the new network across three RAN vendors was a key accomplishment for this young organization. During the modernization program the network was optimized to ensure consistent performance between the both networks while the equipment was being transitioned.

Another application highlighted during our discussion, was the use of SON to ensure IoT performance while optimizing end user performance via Value-Driven SON. Most of today’s IoT devices can be supported with a 2G infrastructure, but there are also actual end users still on these networks. Now there can be congestion that results in neither the people nor the machines having adequate performance. Cellwize shared a case study where the actual end user traffic was shifted to 3G and 4G networks to allow IoT traffic to be prioritized on the 2G network, resulting in improved experiences all around. In the future, priority could be given to different IoT devices depending upon their geography, applications, services or who the customer is.

This type of functionality allows for the transition from network engineering sales discussion to those of marketing and sales enablement trusted partner discussions. By being able to help operators define and launch prioritized services based on Value-Driven SON, Cellwize is able to connect with the operators at both a technical and business level discussion.

Cellwize SON on NFV/SDNSON on NFV-SDN is another product in the portfolio. Running on Java or Linux virtualized machines, the product can support these functions directly in the operator’s private clouds. If operators aren’t currently deploying completely software-based functionality at this point, the software can also work on hardware from traditional RAN partners. Working with these partners, the vision for the future is a virtualized Cloud RAN with SON functionality throughout.

The virtualized world is coming, admittedly faster in some geographies then others, but Cellwize is working with some of the key industry players to help continue this momentum throughout 2015. I’m looking forward to hearing more about their solutions throughout the year to come.

Ofir Zemer joined Cellwize in 2013 as the CEO bringing over 20 years of high-level software and systems experience with some of the largest telecom groups in the world. Prior to Cellwize, he co-founded the software company Pontis and partnered with some of the leading vendors and systems integrators in the telecom space, such as: Accenture, Cap Gemini, Amdocs (NYSE:DOX), IBM (NYSE:IBM)and SAS. He has served as the General Manager of the Instant Communication Division at Comverse Technology as well as the VP Marketing of the Messaging Division. Ofir graduated from INSEAD business school with a distinction in the MBA program and holds a B.A. in Economics and Law from Tel-Aviv University.


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