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The way Mobile Network Automation should be.

Managing and controlling a multi-vendor, cross-technology network can be a real challenge. Networks are sensitive and become unstable very fast and unexpectedly. Nevertheless most of the work required for keeping the system stable can be automated, allowing RF professionals to focus on managing the network.

Cellwize’s approach to SON is a “supervised autonomy” SON solution that has a comprehensive layer of RAN modules working together, ensuring superior optimization results. It’s a SON solution designed by RF people for RF people.

We know it requires a deep understanding of RF and network behavior.

Cellwize Technology:

Fast. Very Fast: rich functionality with a lean and effective architecture
Sensitive-iterative Provisioning: revisiting the network before provisioning for fine-tuning
OSS State-sensitive Provisioning: making sure your systems stay stable and that Cellwize is transparent
A Simple Network: single platform of supervised autonomy (SONStudio) with full ownership of RF policy
Integration within days – Immediate results

We will show you how it works – we know you will see the difference.

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Lean and Very Fast

Our solution is fast. In fact we recently demonstrated that we were able to access, analyze and moderate 40,000 Sectors in 47 sec from data collection to SON recommendation using 1 non-unique server.

We are able to deliver such outstanding results because our SON platform architecture was originally designed to manage massive network data efficiently without any legacy to dictate our architecture. Unlike other C-SON solutions, elastic-SON does not upload the network data to its servers and then analyze it (many times too much of it). We at Cellwize constantly monitor the data on the OSS level, pulling only the logs and data that is needed for the optimization cycle. This approach results in an extremely lean yet highly effective and fast performance profile.

We will tell you more about our unique architecture.

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Real-time Iterative Provisioning

Data becomes old the minute you collect it. You know that and we know that.

That is why after collecting, analyzing, optimizing and scripting, before we actually provision we revisit the network data. If the state of the network hasn’t changed, then we do not provision; if it has changed, then we continue to the mediation and analysis process, make the required changes and provision an updated script. Simple, no?

Mobile Network Automation – The way it should be.

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Mobile Network Automation - The Way It Should Be


OSS Constraints and State-Sensitive Provisioning

Even with a lean-effective architecture, running SON cycles at a high rate could bottle-neck the OSS especially while other processes are running.

We at Cellwize are proud of our state-sensitive approach – when we run our SON cycles we take into account the current state of resource utilization to make sure we do not overload the OSS.

This means that running elastic-SON will not affect performance of other processes running and will keep your performance stable while keeping SON transparent.

We know how to design a SON solution that you will like.

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Integration Within Days. Immediate Results.

We mean it. It takes days to setup and run. Network improvement is immediate:

On-Demand Capacity: extending capacity to where it is most needed in near real-time
Adaptive Coverage: redirecting resources continuously to compensate for poor coverage
Sustainable Stable Data Throughput: keeping service levels stable regardless of circumstances
Less Interference: Stable outstanding quality and seamless mobility
Less Congestion, Fewer Crashes: no more cell outages

A Simple Network: a single platform of supervised autonomy (SONStudio) with full ownership of RF policy.

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Rich Set of Optimization Modules

The incomparable results that elastic-SON has been delivering, stem from a holistic approach and an extremely rich multi-dimensional set of optimization, healing and configuration modules.

The solution features multidimensional optimization modules that can be implemented individually or in different combinations for maximum agility and impact. With elastic-SON, you can improve network yield in a variety of scenarios including resource utilization, consistent and coherent data throughput, minimized effects of downtime and improving the perception of poor network quality.


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