A Surgically Accurate Self-Organizing Network


Resolves Network Demand, Improves Performance & Reduces Complexity!

Reduce OPEX and still keep up with demand and delivery and service. Control your complex network of multi-vendors and technologies with a surgically accurate Self Organizing Network (SON) solution.

Efficient, Stable, Smooth Mobile Network

It’s a robust, closed-loop SON solution. elastic-SON works seamlessly across vendors, spectrum bands and wireless technologies.

Our Promise:

  • Increase capacity, extend coverage, improve quality, without capital investment
  • Significant, measurable and immediate reduction in OPEX
  • Superior, stable and sustainable data throughput and user-experience
  • A network that matches increasing volatile demand

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Elasticity is Key: SON that is Surgically Accurate

On Demand Extended Capacity: elastic-SON stretches and contracts your network according to need, delivering more capacity where you need it, when you need it.

The technology is based on four pillars (used separately and/or together):

  • Supervised autonomy that allows you to control and dictate your RF policy
  • Organizing all the different network layers (LTE, 3G, 2G) and distributing the load
  • Optimizing the cells configuration to optimize the load balancing
  • Contracting and expanding range and power according to need and usage

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Up to 30% data throughput

On Demand Capacity. Adaptive Coverage. Stable Data Throughput.

Adaptive Coverage

Extends coverage for under-deployed sectors as well as for overloaded cells. Our advantage stems from a deep understanding of RF dynamics and analytical capabilities:

  • Rapid identification of poor coverage sectors and cells
  • Deep diagnosis and task prioritization
  • Application of appropriate optimization strategy: Dynamic Antenna Management, Multi-technology Management, Neighbor Relations, Power Management, etc.

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Sustainable Data Throughput & Better QoS

High measurements of multi-cell, multi-carrier interference levels can potentially cause an immediate impact on the data throughput delivered to and from the mobile device.

It is essential to look for the root cause and to eliminate it to a minimum.

Identify high interference levels and apply, in near real-time, power management optimization, dynamic antenna optimization, mitigate scrambling code collisions, re-construct the intra-frequency neighbor lists.

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Up to 30% data throughput