elastic-SON - Product Architecture


5G, 4G, 3G, 2G

The whole point of a good network automation solution is to make the most out of your assets. To apply SON to just one technology- layer of your network makes no sense – it simply ignores the huge network potential that exists in harmonizing all technologies and all assets (so they keep on delivering a return over the investment). elastic-SON was designed with this approach in mind: the network should be viewed as a single entity and optimization should be across technologies. This is part of the reason why Cellwize is able to deliver such outstanding results – literally making the most out of your entire network.

Freedom to Choose Any Vendor

elastic-SON by Cellwize allows you to be vendor agnostic (and choose the best vendor for you) while keeping your network simple and easy to manage.

elastic-SON works seamlessly across vendors, so if your network already has several vendors, managing and optimizing the network will become much easier. If you have been loyal to one vendor so far, trying to keep a homogeneous system that is easier to run and optimize, you can be free to choose the best most financially attractive vendor and let elastic-SON manage and optimize the network across the different vendors.


Single, Manageable, Controlled RF Policy

SONStudio (the interface of elastic-SON) will become your command center allowing you to control, manage and dictate your RF policy across the network regardless of layer or vendor. SONStudio allows you to set boundaries to different network parameters and propagate your policy across the entire network at the push of a button. Think of it like this: elastic-SON constantly performs the optimization and tweaking tasks that are impossible to get to manually. As such it is like your own private little army, obeying your orders and realizing your policy continuously across the entire network (with no complaints and without ever getting tired of it.)

3GPP Fully Compliant

Designed to support both today’s and tomorrow’s use cases, Cellwize elastic-SON is fully 3GPP compliant. In fact, since the technology was designed and developed by RF people and network experts, the solution drills deep into the most common day-to-day use scenarios (above and beyond those defined by 3GPP). Our capabilities enable operators to maximize network capacity, extend coverage and increase quality through a combination of highly effective optimization algorithms that operate in-synch to maximize results across the entire network.


Rapid Setup, Immediate Results

Full setup and integration within days!

Cellwize elastic-SON solution includes features specifically designed to shorten the preparation and setup time needed prior to deployment.

  • Auto-discovery of network topology and equipment
  • Built-in support for ad-hoc, on-demand deployments
  • Adaptors for data collection and provisioning recommendations after configuration and integration with your ecosystem

You can expect significant, measurable results – as soon as the system is activated.

KPI Results

Increase in Session Set-up : 40%

Increase Data Throughput : 30%

Increase Network Capacity : 25%

Improved Coverage & Mobility : 10%


Multidimensional Optimization Modules

The exceptional results elastic-SON have been delivering stem from a holistic approach and an extremely rich multi-dimensional set of optimization, healing and configuration modules. It is a SON platform designed by RF experts that understand the network topology and behavior and how it connects to the user experience and value creation.

Through tight integration with the OSS provisioning module, Cellwize enables immediate implementation of optimization results prior to performance degradation – thus many times preventing faults before they actually affect the user experience.

Cellwize SON Module Backbone

Self Configuring | Self-Optimization Self-Healing

CCO: Coverage and Capacity Optimization

In order to deliver outstanding (even surprising) coverage and capacity, the Cellwize elastic-SON platform employs a set of RF modules:

Antenna Tilt (ANT): determines optimal antenna tilt by employing algorithms that consider real-time service and interference levels. The module constantly monitors the RF environment and network load and dynamically adjusts the antenna electrical tilt to mitigate cell load and interference. It maintains coverage and footprint requirements throughout the day by interacting with the network Antenna RET interface. The ANT module will allow you to transform spotty coverage into continuous coverage by improving EcNo.

Adaptive Neighbor Relations (ANR): optimizes the neighborhood topology by identifying missing or redundant neighbors and automatically reconfiguring optimal neighbor lists according to priority. The module addresses both Inter and Intra neighbor scenarios on per cell basis. The ANR module allows for continuous auto-recognition of new sectors and transparent integration into the neighborhood as well as neighbor list optimization with respect to vendor limitations.

Power Management (CPICH): controls the power levels at the cell, allows elastic-SON to control coverage and significantly improve radio resource utilization. Combined with the Electrical Tilt and Load Balancing modules, it also affects interference levels and improves capacity.

Code Optimization (SCO/PCI): the Scrambling Code Optimization module is a network configuration watchdog that automatically recognizes scrambling code collision and resolves it immediately. However Cellwize elastic-SON does more than that. Normal SCO resolves collisions but at a cost – reassigning a SC to mitigate a collision requires the cell to go offline for 15 min. Cellwize delivers today full SC collision mitigation with no cell downtime!

DLB: Elastic network - Stretches and Contracts

Dynamic Load Balancing (DLB): this module shifts traffic between cells and carriers (frequencies) based on network availability and congestion levels. The module dynamically reads real-time performance and load conditions and determines where to move traffic so that the entire radio cluster is balanced.

Inter-carrier Load Balancing (ICLB): continuously offloads traffic between carriers based on real-time RF measurement of each carrier layer. The module considers multiple RF conditions and measures the total noise level (RTWP) in order to protect the network from sporadic external and internal UL interference.

Better quality: avoiding resource congestion and user perceived quality degradation (e.g., mass events)
Better capacity: new traffic management approach for dynamic capacity extension
Better availability: provides a smooth network resources utilization and extends network logical coverage

Self-Organizing Network: Launch and Forget

Automated Configuration of Physical Cell Identity

Plug-n-Play (PnP): identifies newly activated sectors (could be new sectors or sectors that went down and are being reactivated). Auto-applies ANT, ANR and SCO optimization modules (see above) on the new sector and its adjacent sectors focusing on: Neighbor list optimization based on the new topology while prioritizing continuous coverage.

Self-Healing (SH): identifies sectors that went out of service. Finds sectors most affected by this change by their HO counts. Applies ANR, ANT and SCO on affected sectors focusing on: effect of the missing sector on the neighbor relations and on antenna up-tilt to mitigate.

CC: Consistency Check

Consistency Management: continues the interoperability between the different radio access technologies. Maintains continuous service across all technologies.Updates adjacent technologies with new adjustments occurring on the network. Includes additional consistency mechanisms such as, verify actual parameter values for the database or BTS to ensure system acts according to real and accurate data sets.

Small Cells Solution

Small Cells and HetNets are here.

Small Cells Campaign Management: as part of the holistic approach of value-driven SON, the platform generates a cost-effective Small Cells deployment plan, based on the Geo-positioning of valuable customers as defined by the operator. Small Cell planning by Cellwize ensures that we avoid blind spots and maintain smooth handover from Small Cell to Macro.

Small Cells Network Integration: Cellwize supports careful integration of Small Cells with Macro Cells which is based on identification and location of Small Cells in the network and based on mobile distribution and traffic mapping. This ensures that Small Cells and Macro “live in harmony” and do not interfere with each other, maintaining smooth handover and traffic offloading from Macro to Small Cell.

Network Intelligence – from data to action

Cellwize elastic-SON can identify congestion as they are formed through a combination of access to network data and efficient analytical engine. The module considers multiple transport and radio resource measurements to accurately calculate the level of cell overloading. It can allow for prioritization of individual subscribers based on their negative contribution to cell overloading and interacts with PCRF/DPI to enforce traffic shaping for heavy traffic consumption subscribers.