We will be in Hall 2,Meeting Room 2G50.

Cellwize, a provider of cutting-edge SON (Self Organizing Network) solutions for mobile operators, will be debuting its elastic-SON™ solution at Mobile World Congress. The first of its kind, Cellwize’s elastic-SON™ is a surgically accurate SON solution that stretches and contracts the mobile network according to need; it diverts and reroutes resources dynamically in near/real-time to cope with capacity, coverage and quality issues -delivering optimal performance when and where it is needed. The next generation in user-centric networks is Cellwize’s value-driven SON, elastic-SON™, which makes rigid physical networks adaptive and responsive, providing for ever-changing, unpredictable, traffic topology. Over and above elasticity, Cellwize is a pioneer in using Big Data insight in guiding its application. The CMO/CTO and CEO can define their business goals and priorities and Cellwize’s elastic-SON™ applies its capabilities accordingly, impacting areas of high-value density. Mobile operators can control the distribution of network experience, delivering superior and personalized services targeting unique, high-value subscribers and improving their experience; thereby seeking out those that help deliver KPIs and increase brand perception. Cellwize will be demonstrating the elastic-SON™ solution in their meeting room (G50) in Hall 2, and showcasing how and why the solution decreases network traffic costs and generates more revenue for operators. To learn more, schedule a meeting mwc@cellwize.com