Cellwize observes increase in mobile operators modernizing their networks to improve capacity and subscriber experience

Singapore – 4 November 2014 – As mobile operators look to improve their networks, boost coverage and deliver robust mobile Internet services, complex modernization projects are being undertaken globally. In its latest whitepaper, Cellwize outlines the unique SON methodology implemented across modernization projects on several operator networks and the role of C-SON in the future. The whitepaper also includes a look into the successful deployment of Cellwize C-SON on Telefonica UK’s network.

During modernization and sharing projects it is common for operators to swap and replace legacy infrastructure across multiple vendors. Often, these undertakings are costly and prone to errors as some technologies are not vendor-agnostic. Projects like these require robust optimization to ensure seamless transfer and management of additional complexities.

Network swapping projects managed by C-SON solutions need to be compatible with multiple vendors, as well as capable of managing multiple access technologies. It is vital that modern networks are developed with optimization at their foundations in order to ensure subscribers receive optimal service. In this whitepaper, Cellwize explains the role C-SON plays in maintaining network quality during and after the modernization as well as speeding-up the entire process.

“Cellwize C-SON’s cross-technology and multi-vendor capabilities truly set it apart from other solutions,” said Ofir Zemer, CEO at Cellwize. “Some legacy networks are struggling to cope with today’s explosive demand for mobile data and to ensure customer experience is maximized, operators are looking to update their infrastructure. Cellwize SON has played a pivotal role in ensuring the fast and seamless transitions during complex network swapping projects, such as our recent Telefonica UK deployment.”
To read more about Cellwize SON role in network modernization projects read the full whitepaper “Centralized Self-Organizing Networks (C-SON) Role in Network Modernization”