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Posted on VanillaPlus, Tuesday August 9, 2016
Authored by: Miki Weiser-Padova, Director of Marketing at Cellwize

OK, so I caved in.

I don’t normally follow all the latest hits for teenagers. Being a responsible adult, I try not to teach my son to self-indulge with every craving and follow the crowd. But like many parents, when my son was spending hour after hour in front of the computer playing a game with swords, blood, chatting away with kids thousands of miles away, I thought maybe it’s time he tries something that will get him outside. He might benefit from interacting with trees, rocks, and other people he can actually see. Maybe he will even walk a kilometer, or two, and when going slow that gets boring he might even begin to jog, and feel the joy of moving his body swiftly through the cool morning air. Keep Reading →


Posted by: Sheetal Kumbhar

Subscriber loyalty is coveted by every mobile operator, as it is the key to higher lifetime value of customers and is becoming more and more difficult to achieve.
Mobile operators’ Net Promoter Score (NPS), an index ranging from -100 to +100, that measures customers’ willingness to recommend a company, is on average +5 , far below Amazon’s NPS of +60. Any score less than +26 is purported to be the tipping point where customers are likely to churn, says Ofir Zemer, CEO of Cellwize. Keep Reading →

SON Provider Continues to Win New Clients and Increases Global Footprint

Singapore – April 8, 2014 – Cellwize, the innovative Self-Optimizing Network (SON) solutions provider announced it has strengthened its growing team in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region with several strategic hires starting from Olivier Guibert, the General Manager. As Asian operators roll out LTE, and face increasing direct and indirect competition, Mobile Network Operators are looking to SON to strengthen network agility and deliver seamless user experience. To achieve this, a number of APAC Tier-1 operators have turned to Cellwize for its robust and field-proven SON solutions. Keep Reading →