An Expanded Customer-Centric Offering
with Crowdsourced Network Analytics

CrowdView extracts end-point anonymized data to drive measurable improvements in customer experience and network performance. Utilizing the latest in crowdsourcing and machine learning techniques, CrowdView continuously collects metrics from both mobile and Wi-Fi networks via a device-based app and leverages its cloud-based analytics infrastructure to enable immediate actions through the advanced Cellwize platform. This data provides real-time capabilities to Cellwize SON to resolve network demand and improve the customer journey across multiple vendors and all radio technologies.

See the Network
through customers eyes
Actionable Insights
performance & deployment
Network Coverage
& event geo visualization
Competitive Network
performance analysis
Real Time
network information


Enabling operators to provide
a personalized network experience to their customers

In a complex environment of various radio technologies, vendors and services, the mobile user experience is even more challenging to measure and optimize.

By collecting and analyzing anonymized data directly from end-user devices, including new data points such as indoor/outdoor, Wi-Fi handover and roamer experience, and cross-correlating them with the network data already processed by our advanced SON platform, we are able to provide operators with a whole new view of their customers’ mobile journey and quality of experience (QoE).

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